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Handheld Chews

Chewing might be a lost art. Before the processing of food became easy, our ancestors often had to chew for hours. An activity that we unfortunately neglect nowadays. This lack of chewing muscle activity causes our jaws to shrink and often leads to misaligned teeth, as the teeth have too little space in the jawbone. At, we always strive to offer a wide range of products for all needs in order to improve the function of the jaw muscles.

Teething rings 

At LOGICANA you will only find selected utensils that support your child's jaw and airway development in the best possible way. Many teethers that you find in our store can also be used as grasping toys or finger toys (fidget) and support the healthy development of your child. Why do children, teenagers and adults need teethers? Chewing not only relieves pain during teething, but also reduces stress and promotes jaw development. In orofacial myofunctional therapy for children, adolescents or adults, the teething rings from our store are also used for effective muscle training, reflex integration and reaching milestones in oral development. 
For example, it is possible that a child has not yet mastered rotatory chewing. The teething rings can be used to learn and train this rhythmic rotational chewing pattern. Adults also like to chew on the teething rings to relieve stress or to concentrate on a task. Chewing also promotes concentration and focus

What is special about the teethers at LOGICANA? 

The teethers are: 
  • dishwasher-safe 
  • you can put them in the fridge (please do not put them in the freezer!) 
  • they are colorful 
  • available in different degrees of hardness 
  • developed by speech therapists 
  • CE and FDA certified 
  •  available in many different shapes and colors with different surfaces 

What do I need to consider if I want to buy a teething ring? 

You can find teething rings for babies and children here. The teething rings for babies, i.e. the Baby Grabber and the Baby Tetra Bite, are only available in the Standard and XT (soft and medium) hardness grades. The Baby Grabber and Baby Tetra Bite also reach the molars with the extensions, whereas this is not possible with the chewing bracelet or chewing heart. However, they are available in all 3 degrees of hardness (soft, medium, hard).