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Chewing & Jaw Training

The primary aim of our range is to improve, restore or maintain the function of the chewing and facial muscles. Function and aesthetics are often on the same level, which is why our range includes functional chewing trainers that can be used to train nasal breathing, jaw muscles and tongue resting position, while also working on the jaw line. This is often a desired "side effect" of orofacial myofunctional therapy.

Chewing and Jaw Training

Chewing gum is probably one of the most inconspicuous methods of training the jaw muscles. Nevertheless, I would like to give you the tip of not just pushing the chewing gum back and forth in your mouth, but actually taking the time to chew the gum properly with your molars for at least a few minutes (you can increase this to up to 10 minutes) with your lips closed. If the chewing gum simply rests on the teeth to distribute the flavour, the jaw muscles are not trained. 
Jaw training is currently "trendy" to strengthen the famous Jawline. Someone whose jawline, i.e. the angle of the lower jaw, is clearly visible is considered attractive by many. 
At LOGICANA, we offer high-quality products that make orofacial myofunctional therapy "child's play". Emphasising the jawline not only has an impact on a person's aesthetics, but can also have a positive effect on function. For this reason, we strongly recommend working with a speech therapist who is sufficiently trained in the field of orofacial myofunctional disorders or craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD or TMJD =temporo mandibular joint disorder)!