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The tongue is the main player in orofacial myofunctional therapy. In this category you will find products to train tongue mobility and strength. The aim is for the tongue to be slightly suctioned completely in the palate at rest and to perform all functions (speaking, swallowing, etc.) from the palate as the „headquarter“ of the tongue.


If the tongue is positioned incorrectly at rest or during swallowing, this can result in misaligned teeth and jaws. but that's not all, because the tongue plays an important role in facial development!
The tongue serves as a placeholder in the upper jaw and ensures that the maxilla grows in width to create enough space for all the permanent teeth. 
If the tongue is at the floor of the mouth, mouth breathing can also be a common consequence. This is because ONLY when the tongue is gently sucked into the palate the airway is free to breathe properly through the nose. If the tongue presses against the teeth, the first step should be a speech therapy assessment to see why it is doing this. 
Then, in most cases, there is nothing to stop you from learning, training and automatising the exercises for the correct tongue position using various tools, e.g. Myospots (Interview with Dr. Shehab)
If the tongue is positioned in the lower jaw, the upper jaw is not formed correctly and problems with nasal breathing can arise due to insufficient growth of the nose. 

Who should I turn to if I am not swallowing properly? 

In the case of an infantile swallowing pattern, the first port of call should be a speech therapist. It is important to clarify why this is happening to see whether it is sufficient to do exercises or whether other specialists need to be consulted.