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Chewing tips

The chewing attachments for the ARK's Z-Vibe are available in different lengths, textured or smooth and hollow or solid and are ideal for preparing your patients for solid food or for training rotatory chewing, for example. 
At home, parents can put porridge or applesauce in the hollow chewing attachment to make oral exploration even more interesting for their child. Of course, bite rings can also be used, but sometimes an additional stimulus with vibration is even more interesting for patients.
HERE you can find information on all attachments!

Bite-N-Chew tips

Various tips for training chewing and biting are available in this category. They are particularly effective if vibration is also to be used. Otherwise, you can of course use the chewables
The small green Bite'n'chew tip for the Z-Vibe® is also great for treating trigger points.