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Pencil Toppers

Chewing has a regulative effect on our nervous system. So it makes perfect sense for children or even adults to chew on a pencil. After all, nervousness can be counteracted in this way! Chewed pencil ends are a thing of the past with the chewing caps. The additional great thing about the pencil tips is that they come in different colors and shapes and in different degrees of hardness! The Wingamajigs® allow you to play with your fingers on the wings, which can also bring your focus back to a task.

Pencil tips 

Chewing not only has an important function for jaw growth, but also serves as a regulatory strategy to regulate stress, nervousness or other unpleasant feelings. Chewing on the pencil also has a psychological effect - because it helps to reduce stress. The parasympathetic nervous system is activated and takes over stress regulation. In order to break the habit of chewing on pens, it is essential that a specialist evaluates whether the tongue is in the palate and whether the person is nasal breathing - two extremely important factors when it comes to stress reduction. 
Of course, everything here in this store revolves around the functions of the mouth, but at the same time it is also unpleasant, even dangerous, if splinters of wood come loose when chewing on a pencil and, in the worst case, injure the oral mucosa. 
The pencil caps in our store are not only great for chewing on, but also serve as pencil protectors. The chew caps for pencils are mostly suitable for regular, thinner pencils or ballpoint pens. Some are also suitable for slightly thicker ones. 

Which pencils do the chew caps/pencil covers fit? 

We have tested it: there is a wide selection of pens in stationery stores that fit the chew caps if the pen (which is supplied with most chew caps) is empty/too short.