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Jaw Tools

The primary aim of our range is to improve, restore or maintain the function of the chewing and facial muscles. Function and aesthetics are often on the same level, which is why our range includes functional chewing trainers that can be used to train nasal breathing, jaw muscles and tongue resting position, while also working on the jaw line. This is often a desired "side effect" of orofacial myofunctional therapy.

Jaw Tools

Jaw grading and jaw stability are two important skills for correct speech-sound production.
Use various jaw strength tools to train the jaw muscles and coordinate them with the lips, tongue and cheeks. 

Why should the jaw muscles be trained? 

In many cases, it is important to work on jaw strength and/or jaw stability. However, it may also be the case that the jaw muscles do not need to be trained, in the sense of strengthened, but merely require fine adjustment to improve speech or chewing and biting. For example, a different jaw opening is required to bite off an apple than when eating pasta. Similarly, a different jaw opening is required for the articulation of /a/ than for the sound production of /s/. Bite blocks for speech therapy are also frequently used for example with neurological patients and an active bite reflex to protect their own fingers.