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Chewables & Myo Tools

Babies and toddlers put so many things in their mouths to explore and understand the world. The teething rings from our store are colorful, medically tested and safe from harmful substances! Different shapes and colors are stimulating for the child and also help with jaw development. The special shapes are specially designed for babies and toddlers so that they cannot be pushed too far down the throat but can still reach the molars! 

Chewables & Myo Tools

At you will only find selected utensils that support your child's jaw and airway development in the best possible way. Many teethers that you can find in our online shop can also be used as grasping toys and support your child's healthy development. 

Which teethers will help my teething baby? 

The teethers at LOGICANA were developed by speech therapists, are made of silicone and massage your baby's gums! The Baby Grabber is particularly popular with teething babies - because the loop is shaped so that small children's hands can grip it particularly well and the extension also reaches the erupting molars. 

What is special about the chewables at LOGICANA? 

The teethers are: 
  • dishwasher-safe 
  • you can put them in the fridge (please do not put them in the freezer!) 
  • they are colourful available in different degrees of hardness 
  • developed by speech therapists CE and FDA certified 
  • available in many different shapes and colours with different surfaces. 

What do I have to consider when I want to buy a teething ring? 

The chewables for babies, i.e. the Baby GrabberBaby Guitar and Baby Tetra Bite, are only available in Standard and XT (soft and medium). The Baby Grabber, Baby Guitar and Baby Tetra Bite also reach the molars with the extensions, whereas this is not possible with the Chew Bracelet or Chew Heart. However, they are available in all 3 degrees of hardness (soft, medium, hard). 

Tips for teething babies 

To make teething easier, it is advisable to massage the gums right from the start. Use a finger cot, a clean finger or even a clean cloth. You can give your child a teething ring from around the age of 3 months to stimulate oral exploration, i.e. exploring the world with the mouth. When the first teeth start to come through, your child will notice that the massage with the teething ring is pleasant and will use it to massage the gums by chewing

What to do when a baby is teething? 

If the gums are swollen, the teething ring can also be cooled in the fridge! Please do not put the teething ring in the freezer, it is too cold for your child! 

Which teething ring should I give my 2-year-old child? 

In this category you will find all teething rings that are suitable for children up to approx. 3 years. They have been specially developed for the needs and abilities of babies and toddlers and are safe to use. The use of chew chains is not recommended at this age for safety reasons. 

How do I get the Myo Munchee Bebe? 

The Myo Munchee Bebe is a "practitioner-only" device. Only trained specialists may recommend the Myo Munchee Bebe. This is important so that nothing is overlooked and parents can be guided professionally. Please contact us or find a Myo Munchee Practitioner from this list.