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Chew bracelets are great for people who chew on clothes, especially the sleeves. However, they are also practical to remove and can be held in the hand. 
The bracelets are also a great piece of jewelry and invite you to keep your hands busy.

Chewable bracelets 

The Ark chew bracelets are available in 2 different options: smooth or textured and in 3 degrees of hardness: soft, medium, hard. 
The chew bracelets are also perfect for children and may be a great alternative until a chew necklace can be worn due to age. Chewing on the chew bracelets helps to regulate stress, can be used as a finger toy (fidget) and also supports muscle and jaw development. Chewing on items of clothing is not only unphysiological, but also often destroys the clothing or leaves traces of saliva. The chewing bracelets are useful for these and other cases.