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The chew necklaces are especially practical for those people who need something to chew on the go and want to make sure that the teething ring is always with them! The chew necklaces are available in funny or also discreet motifs, in different toughness levels and colors.

Chewable Necklaces

The chewable necklaces in our store are available in many different, appealing designs. Like all our teething rings, they are also available in different degrees of hardness: soft, medium and hard. The use of chew chains can be absolutely effective in many cases, as chewing also has an effect on the nervous system and helps concentration and jaw growth

When are chewable necklaces useful? 

We recommend chewable necklaces from the age of 5 years. The chain is supplied with a safety clasp that opens when a stronger pull is applied. Chew necklaces can also be offered as a regulation strategy for children, adolescents or adults with ADHD. The original aim of the manufacturer of our chew chains, ARK Therapeutic from America, was to offer various appealing teething rings and chew necklaces for people on the autism spectrum. It gradually became known that chewing is also useful for people without this diagnosis or with other diagnoses. In speech therapy, but also occupational therapy or physiotherapy, chewable necklaces are justified because they offer people a regulatory strategy and, above all, a safe way to chew on something. Without getting clothes wet or ruined, chewing fingernails can be stopped or sensory performance can be improved. Our customers' experience confirms the wide range of possible uses for chew chains.