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Therapy Tools

Movement patterns of the orofacial structures can of course also be learned and trained without aids, but it often makes sense to use various tools in therapy or at home to train the movements more precisely or with resistance.

Therapy Tools

Various tools can also be used in speech therapy. Here you will find various products for speech therapists to achieve the goals of orofacial myofunctional therapy. Orofacial dysfunction not only manifests itself in unphysiological swallowing patterns, mouth breathing or salivation, but also has an impact on the voice, posture and articulation. Inaccurate speech, making it difficult for people to be understood by others, can also have various causes. Neurological diseases, structural abnormalities such as cleft lip and palate are just some of the causes. 

Which products are useful for speech therapy? 

We specialise in oral functions and offer a wide range of products for the speech therapy practice or for use at home. The possible uses of speech therapy supplies are diverse and should be tailored to the needs of patients. 
Various aids for the speech therapy practice are helpful to facilitate the treatment of speech, stuttering, voice, nasal breathing, tongue resting position and physiological swallowing patterns and above all - one of our top priorities: to be innovative and colourful.

Which areas of speech therapy do we cover with our range?

  • Chewing and teething material - not only serves to strengthen the orofacial muscles, but also supports babies and toddlers in relieving teething pain, reducing stress and regulating the nervous system and promoting the muscles in the face (oral motor skills). Click here for the teething rings
  • Stimulation with vibration - is the basis of speech therapy and trains the sensory system, proprioception and tone regulation. Click here to go to the category with stimulation tools
  • Various eating and drinking aids - to learn, restore or maintain the physiological swallowing pattern. 
  • Various tools for resting the tongue - children, adolescents and adults often find it difficult to integrate exercises into everyday life. Various tools have proven to be very effective here. FroggymouthMyospots™ or Mewing rings help to strengthen the muscles and memorise the correct tongue position in the subconscious. 
  • Functional chewing trainer - as an all-round talent, the Myo Munchee covers chewing, breathing, swallowing and tongue position. High-quality medical silicone, which is free from any harmful substances, is shaped like a splint and stimulates the gums and the underlying jawbone via the internal nubs. This promotes jaw development and trains the muscles so that the teeth can grow in the right direction. 
  • Tools for the speech therapy practice - a wide range of speech therapy supplies. Dumbbells for lip closure, cheek retractors to take before-and-after photos or the LaxVox tube including accessories are used to organise therapy in an age-appropriate manner and, above all, to high standards.