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is a functional aid to train the tongue rest position, lip closure and masticatory muscles. At the same time, the physiological swallowing pattern can be learned and automated through the special shape and wearing time. Available in a variety of sizes, the MyoMunchee can be worn by infants through adults. In Australia and the USA, the MyoMunchee is already a real movement to improve jaw structures. Now we can take off in Europe and do something good for our children and ourselves! Let's start the journey to balanced muscles, nasal breathing and physiological tongue rest! 




Let's crank up the mouth development with MyoMunchee!

With the MyoMunchee you are part of a real health movement! 

The Western, industrialized lifestyle appears convenient with cooked, soft foods, but provides little natural opportunity for healthy jaw development. Chewing, swallowing and movement have largely been replaced by seemingly convenient convenience foods with little stimulus for chewing. 

The MyoMunchee stimulates natural chewing and thus jaw development! 

Originally, the MyoMunchee was developed in 1967 by the dentist Dr. Kevin Bourke in Australia. The idea behind it was to produce a kind of cleaning tool for the Aborigines, the indigenous people of Australia. Dr. Bourke was appalled by the poor condition of the teeth of the indigenous people. Access to industrially produced foods was dramatically rapidly deteriorating the condition of their oral health, jaw muscles and dental status. Dr. Bourke recognized the problem and designed the prototype Munchee. The fine nubs on the side facing the teeth, were intended to serve as a toothbrush replacement. He soon realized that using the Munchee also exercised the muscles and helped the jaws move in a healthy direction again. Dr. Mary Bourke, the dentist's daughter continued to develop the Munchee and has since managed to make the MyoMunchee a real movement.  Just like any other part of the body, the jaw and facial muscles need the right workout to stay healthy and fit! That's why the Munchee works! With just 10min of daily training, the Munchee helps your child integrate reflexes and train chewing muscles, lip closure and physiological swallowing patterns.  The more Munchees, the better! Munchees are available for every age from 18 months.  There are different ways to use the Munchee. For example, the Mini Munchee can be used to replace the pacifier. At the same time you do your child something good by encouraging him to train jaw and facial muscles and subsequently to use them when eating, speaking and swallowing.