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Froggymouth Book


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Product number: Froggymouth-Buch
Product information "Froggymouth Book"
For decades we treated incorrect tooth position with mechanical treatments. But these treatments can be harmful, expensive, they often relapse. That is why in recent years, the school of thought of functional treatments has been growing and is continuing to do so. We realised that, oral dysmorphia is, most of the time, caused by oral dysfunctions. By rehabilitating these dysfunctions, we can reduce the length of mechanical treatments, and even avoid them when the patient is treated early enough. This book presents how, in symbiosis with the progress in neurosciences made by the 2000 Nobel Prize Eric Kandel.
Dr Patrick Fellus is a retired Orthodontist who performed pediatric orthodontics for more than 40 years. He is a pioneer in the use of functional treatments in Orthodontics, and after years of practice he realised that swallowing was at the heart of all oro-facial praxis. That is why he worked on the rehabilitation of swallowing and, by experimenting, he found that the lips actually play a crucial role. In 2012, after years of thinking, he eventually completed the reunion of all his ideas in one device : the FroggyMouth.
written in english
Here you can see an introduction video from Dr. Fellus

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