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Vibration and Stimulation

In orofacial myofunctional therapy, it is often not enough to instruct movement sequences. Feeling, relaxing and toning structures is an essential part of this.  With ARK Therapeutic's vibration tools and the many different attachments, you can pursue different goals.  Currently we only carry the Jiggler from TalkTools®. The Jiggler with different motifs is especially interesting for young children.

Vibration & Stimulation

Why vibration?

Sometimes just touching the lips, cheeks, tongue, etc. is not enough. There is often not enough input to achieve the desired level of attention. . Vibration is a useful tool to increase attention, especially for those with sensory deficits. 
Note: Vibration does not feel the same for everyone! Some individuals respond less strongly or more strongly to this stimulus than others. Make sure there is enough acceptance and trust!
Basically: Offer the Z-Vibe from Ark Therapeutics or the Jiggler from TalkTools ™ first without, then with vibration. Work your way from the outside in. This applies both whole-body and oral: arms/legs, shoulders, neck, face first, then mouth. Frequency and duration of therapy are individual and also depend on the stimulation/exercise offered. Stimulation of the tongue with the Preefer or Examiner attachment takes longer than, for example, showing the papilla incisiva with the Fine attachment. 
General rule: Offer stimulation, observe the response to it, and adjust the exercise/offer. If you observe defensive reactions (turning head away, pushing hand away, grimacing, etc.) offer something alternative before the child refuses stimulation altogether!

Can vibration cause epilepsy?

This question comes up from time to time. Without having found any studies or scientific observations, my principle is always: If there is uncertainty, always talk to the treating physician/neurologist.

I see my patients once a week, should the parents continue to train at home?

As long as the parents have been well instructed, they CAN continue to work with the vibration pen. To achieve therapy success it is essential that the exercises are also practiced at home, stimulation (with the Z-Vibe, the Jiggler or manually) can, but does not have to be part of it.