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Suction tubes can be helpful for myofunctional therapy to train suction and negative pressure in the mouth. The negative pressure is important to be able to hold the tongue rest position.
The most popular chewing tube from "Stomax" is a great tool to train the chewing muscles and break down habits.


Why are tubes needed in speech therapy? 

Orofacial myofunctional therapy has long benefited from tubes. Chewing tubes to train chewing movements, chewing strength, etc. or suction tubes to train sucking intensively. Sucking and chewing are two essential functions to support jaw and airway development.  

Why is sucking so important? 

The function of sucking is so important because negative pressure in the oral cavity is a physiological condition. On the one hand, the tongue is stuck to the roof of the mouth with a slight negative pressure when at rest, and on the other hand, the correct negative pressure ratio in the oral cavity is important for swallowing properly. In infancy, sucking is essential for survival, an infant feeds by sucking on the breast or bottle. Sucking, especially at the breast, also has a regulative effect, so the infant calms down through the sucking movements. A distinction can therefore be made between nutritive and non-nutritive sucking.  

Why is chewing so important? 

The function of chewing is so important because the forces it exerts on the jaw bones stimulate growth. Following the principle of "use it or lose it", teeth can become misaligned and, in extreme cases, teeth can become loose if they are not used. An infant soothes itself with non-nutritive sucking, while toddlers, children, adolescents or adults often soothe themselves by chewing (grinding teeth, eating a little, constant snacking, nail biting, etc.).