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Support healthy development of your Baby and Toddler!

Especially teething babies need teething rings that massage the gums and thus relieve the pain. In this category you will find not only teething rings for teething babies, but also products of InnerMe with guides on relevant topics such as: the use and weaning of the pacifier, teething, complementary feeding and breastfeeding (Currently the products of InnerMe are only available in german)!
In addition, you will also find various sets that are also great as a gift (for example, for the birth). 


Have you ever thought about how you can best support your child to grow straight teeth? How you can support your baby to have fun eating? Or even which teething ring is the best to relieve your favorite's pain? There are so many products on the market that you could spend hours choosing a teether. Not to mention the pacifiers. But is every teether really great and suitable? Does every child have to have a pacifier? Here at you will find concentrated knowledge and the right products to support your child's development! The focus of the information is on jaw and airway development - at the same time, the following guiding principle also applies to motor, linguistic, cognitive development:
 „Is the product convenient for me as a parent or does it actually support my child's development?“ 

Why is it important to support my child's jaw and airway development?

Our children are growing up in a society where there is less and less "real" food. By "real" food I mean food that has been processed as little as possible and actually has to be chewed and ground by our teeth.  With the bite rings in our online store is already a first step to train the muscles and prepare the oral cavity for the stimuli, by different foods.  Our ancestors did not need braces - they chewed sufficiently and thus stimulated the development of the jaw.  
If the jaw muscles, the teeth and the tongue are not used or insufficiently used, then there will be deficits in growth. 

How can I support my child's jaw and airway development?

Even just everyday rituals or behaviors can influence development. For example, drinking from a normal cup is preferable. Porridges and cookies that literally melt on the tongue are equally unhelpful when it comes to integrating oral reflexes and learning physiological movement patterns. Different chewing, biting and tongue movements train the muscles and stimulate bone growth. 

Refrain from processed foods (ready meals, fast food and co.) as often as possible and offer "real" foods instead. Sucking habits should be avoided. How is this possible, you may ask? Sucking and chewing both have a stress-reducing effect on our organism, so a teething ring can be offered early on instead of a pacifier, for example, in order to process feelings. Eating can also be made interesting and fun by trying to use alternative eating utensils as well. This can be the hands and fingers alone or special spoons. e.g. flat textured spoons, the P-Tube Grabber is excellent for porridge and in the chewing tube, for example, small pieces of fruit can be hidden and transported out of the tube by chewing movements.

Wieso ist die Kieferentwicklung so Ausschlaggebend?

Es geht nicht nur darum „schöne“ gerade wachsende Zähne zu haben, sondern vielmehr darum den umliegenden Muskeln, insbesondere der Zunge genügend Platz zu geben um ihre Funktion ausüben zu können. Wird die Zunge durch einen Schnuller oder Daumen im Mund unten gehalten,  kann sie nicht ihre natürliche Position am Gaumen einnehmen. Damit der Oberkiefer und damit auch der Gaumen gut wachsen können, ist es notwendig, dass die Zunge in Ruhe und beim Schlucken am Gaumen liegt. Und das vollständig und mit leichtem Unterdruck! 

Wie hängt die Entwicklung des Kiefers und des Atemwegs zusammen?

Wie bereits erwähnt hat die Zunge eine essentielle Rolle: am Gaumen zu liegen und dadurch das Wachstum des Oberkiefers anzuregen. Oberhalb der Gaumenplatte ist die Nase mit ihrem Atemweg. Wächst der Gaumen nun gotisch, also in einer hohen, schmalen Form, dann muss auch die Nase weiter nach oben wachsen. Dadurch kann es häufig passieren, dass z.B. die Nasenscheidewand schief wächst. Die sogenannte Septumdeviation (schiefe Nasenscheidewand) kann Nasenatmung unmöglich machen, auch ohne Schnupfen.